We are proud to be providing the refreshments at the Cybersecurity Collaboration event in Charlotte 9/7.
Setting the bar for Nexgen consulting.

Empowering security excellence:

Navigating cyber challenges with expertise

What are some of the key cybersecurity concerns faced by both the public and private sectors?

Data privacy
and compliance

Navigating strict regulations and safeguarding sensitive financial information.

Security and compliance

Navigating data protection, breaches, and managing risks in compliance.

Regulatory compliance challenges

Balancing evolving regulations with unwavering security, fostering an environment of shared data confidence.


Maintaining uninterrupted services during cyber incidents to ensure financial stability.

Independent risk

Thoroughly evaluating vulnerabilities to provide precise threat insights.

Overcoming challenges with our
consultancy services

Holley Holland expertly resolves business and technical challenges for financial services institutions around the world. Each project is led by industry experts who have real-life business experience. We understand your challenges, how you work and what success looks like. Our innovative approach enables us to quickly deliver practical and sustainable solutions, with an emphasis on outcomes – making us unique in the industry. It is no surprise that a senior executive at a large custodian bank has dubbed us a “new breed of consultants”.

In regards to cybersecurity – our focus extends to bolstering ICT (Information and communication technology) risk management, refining incident response, enhancing resiliency testing readiness and fortifying 3rd party supplier risk assessment. This empowers us to engage with our customers swiftly and effectively.

We look forward to discussing your cybersecurity challenges and our service offerings. If there are any specific areas you would like to discuss, please get in touch.

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