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The challenge

A top 15 US bank encountered difficulty demonstrating to regulators the sources and lineage for key liquidity reports. Their tools were not integrated and significant manual intervention was planned, utilising Excel, to show the lineage and flow of data from sources to target systems. More broadly, the company was at an impasse as to how to represent the lineage and how to build a target operating model to ensure future maintainability.

The solution

Proof of value

Initial Proof of Value (PoV) allowed Holley Holland to demonstrate the robust usability of the Solidatus data management and lineage tool. The PoV delivered a representative use case models for one of 16 liquidity reports, along with a blueprint target operating model that would ensure sustainability, auditability and maintenance of future models and associated data.

The initial engagement

The Holley Holland team designed and implemented the new target operating model for the adoption of Solidatus as an enterprise solution.

The outcome

Holley Holland was able to model the flow of millions of data points across the liquidity space, from source to target, including all transformations. Additionally, the detailed flows for 10 distinct lines of business were modelled, showing the full end-to-end lineage across all impacted lines of business, from specific report lines all the way back to the source systems. For both use case solutions, Holley Holland provided the institution the ability to demonstrate full data flows/lineage for auditors and regulators at the touch of a button.

Next steps

The customer was so pleased with the outcome that Holley Holland was engaged to address more than 30 additional use cases. Holley Holland are building out data lineage, management and maintenance strategies, while implementing integrated and simplified data sourcing solutions. This allows for the elimination/decommissioning of multiple, duplicative lineage and modelling tools.

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