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We are proud of our strong relationships with cutting edge partners

Specialists in data lineage, integration and manipulation, working for your business success.


An end-to-end data fabric solution.

Reveal the value of your data

Fraxses offers a sophisticated architectural and organisational approach to data processing architecture. Allowing the value of data to be revealed and leveraged to make smart decisions, respond to events and provide better services. A simple to use, efficient and flexible data sharing environment, with real time lineage and audit trail. 

Data mesh

The data mesh solution uses metadata-driven instructions to connect data sources, regardless of structure, type or location. Individual business units are able to make their data available as ‘data products’ to be discovered, consumed and analysed by other business units.

Eradicating silos and creating a single version of the truth.

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Contact Steven Whaley or Scott Anderson to find out how Fraxses can help transform your business.

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An award-winning specialised, powerful and modern lineage tool.

Create clarity

Understanding critical elements, and how they are derived, is imperative to meet regulatory requirements. We offer a technical solution that facilitates lineage from approved sources within corporate functions. If you need to understand and manage your data, respond to regulatory requests in a timely manner, reduce manual intervention or facilitate audit ability and traceability, our lineage tool can help.

Uncover understanding, swiftly

The Solidatus product is a specialised, powerful and modern lineage tool which can be implemented within weeks. Its simple, intuitive and flexible web-based application allows organisations to rapidly discover, visualise, catalogue and comprehend how their data flows.

Multiple simple, intuitive and flexible uses:

  • Enterprise data management
  • Data cataloguing and classification
  • Data discovery facilitation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Improved governance
  • Assisted transformational change
  • Reduced data handling inefficiencies
  • Policy management
  • Efficient data sharing

Solidatus can be used in isolation for standalone data governance, or in parallel with other more traditional tools.

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Contact Steven Whaley or Scott Anderson to find out how Solidatus can help transform your business.

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GLIDE from Trigyan

Transforming "Uncurated data" to "Actionable data" with GLIDE.

GLIDE: Actionable data, meaningful insights

GLIDE by Trigyan is a modern data management platform that harnesses AI, machine learning, and knowledge graphs for data storage and analytics. It facilitates rapid data discovery, visualization, and understanding across inter-company and intra-company systems. GLIDE uses standard ontologies, data dictionaries, and business glossaries to consistently document the data landscape. It's available as both a cloud-based and on-premises application.

Unlocking business insights

GLIDE is a versatile data management platform that helps you discover data linkages and gain actionable insights. It simplifies your understanding of global data connections, enabling informed decisions.

Trigyan's unique feature is its flexible data ontology, allowing rapid changes without coding. This reduces costs and enhances responsiveness to changing data landscapes.

GLIDE ensures consistent, reproducible documentation of your data landscape, enabling data ownership, control, and valuable insights. It helps organizations of all sizes optimize data for revenue, profit, quality, employee satisfaction, and risk reduction.

GLIDE streamlines data cataloging and maintenance, preventing data duplication, system disparities, and data quality issues. It keeps your data 'Evergreen,' ready for future business opportunities.

Seamless connectivity to diverse data sources

GLIDE seamlessly connects to various data sources, offering reliability and over 100 ready-to-use APIs. Supported sources include XML, CSV, JSON, RDBMS Tabular Data, Kafka, EMS/TIBCO payloads, and delimited files.

Key benefits/differentiators:

  • Reduced Architectural Complexity
  • Manage facts and relationships to add context
  • Deliver more intelligent search and insights
  • Build advanced knowledge graphs
  • Uses RDF and SPARQL standards
  • Scales to hundreds of billions of triples
  • Full data lineage tracking and audit capabilities
  • Embedded Machine Learning
  • Certified, enterprise-grade security
  • Granular controls for roles, permissions, and privileges

Solve previously unsolvable business issues with GLIDE.

GLIDE by Trigyan Partner of Holley Holland Consultancy

Contact Steven Whaley or Scott Anderson to find out how GLIDE from Trigyan can help transform your business.

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Altair WPS

Powerful and versatile software for scalable data manipulation.

A powerful and versatile tool for scalable data discovery and advanced analytics.

The Altair WPS data formatting, statistical analysis, integration and reporting work together seamlessly to facilitate rapid and effective business decisions.

Summary benefits:

  • Significant cost savings – typical savings of 50 – 70%
  • Reduced time to migrate – possible timeframes of 6-12 months
  • No risk – proven track record of customer migrations
  • Perfect blend of tools – workflow and coding, SAS language and open-source
  • Governance – across analytics enterprise: developers to business user
  • Consumption licence – analytics based on value
  • Analytics anywhere – mainframe, cloud, on premise, mobile/tablet via HUB

600+ successful client implementations across multiple sectors.

Image of Altair logo on a dark blue background.

Contact Steven Whaley or Scott Anderson to find out how Altair WPS can help transform your business.

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