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Project Manager

Past experience

Kunwar possesses extensive experience in project management and has successfully implemented various systems with an innovative and hands-on approach. With a good and clear understanding of processes, system data, strong finance knowledge and key stakeholder engagement, Kunwar delivers optimal and expert solutions. Having worked at numerous organisations over the past 25 years across different industries, Kunwar is aware of varied and complex needs with the ability to develop and plan expert outcome based solutions to meet the unique requirements for each situation.

In his roles at Lloyd’s Banking Group and Visa, Kunwar successfully implemented the SAP Ariba system bringing enhanced operational efficiencies and introduced effective controls by using the SAP Ariba system to manage traceable activity and behaviours.

Kunwar demonstrates a proactive leadership style by actively engaging in hands-on project management. He assumes responsibility for meticulous oversight and promptly responds to any deviations or unforeseen challenges that may arise.

An innovative individual renowned for adeptly managing stakeholders and demonstrating a well-documented history of delivering solutions to intricate challenges.

Kunwar is CIMA qualified since 2003.

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