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Business Transformation

Empowering you to succeed, effectively and sustainably

Delivering change capability. Allowing businesses to adopt enterprise-wide tools, processes and ways of working.

Rising to your transformation challenges:

Highly siloed business functions

Lack of clear accountability

Innovation not prioritised

Organisational bureaucracy

Emerging risks and risk mitigation

Opportunities to value-add not exploited

Resistance to adopting business-wide change 

New regulatory requirements 

Business inefficiencies


Why us?

As industry practitioners we have delivered countless change initiatives across a wide range of projects. Using techniques and disciplines such as Agile, Waterfall and Safe, plus our proprietary framework that combines their best aspects, we craft effective solutions, bespoke to our clients’ needs. Our tools enable businesses to adapt and achieve change sustainably, with adoption built in to every step of the project implementation. We utilise ‘Red Teaming’ to rigorously challenge assumptions and encourage an outside perspective, ensuring our solutions are relevant and effective.

Areas of change for a target operating model


We have to tools to enable you to offer high quality, easy-to-use, consistent omni-channel customer-centric experiences.


Productivity improvements are made via the automation of repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency and accuracy.


We enable organisations to embrace collaboration and engagement between functions, starting as a top-down mandate and actively supported by every team member.


The solutions we implement favour simplified, modular, open architecture that maximises the use of APIs and accelerated data discovery tools.


To deliver efficient and cost effective solutions, we minimise the total number of people involved and maximise location contingencies and strategy.


Agile data governance operating models and rigorous risk frameworks are a key part of the design and implementation of our solutions, with regulatory compliance built in.


Improved MI allows organisations a clearer line of sight into areas for potential improvement and the creation of an engaging and resonant vision.


Quality metrics captured are aligned with target state processes and reportable at an individual level to support accountability and performance evaluation.

Supporting your enterprise-wide business transformation with true collaboration from project commencement to positive outcome.
Testimonal – Chief Technical Officer

“You are a new and refreshing breed of consultant You clearly understand us, understand our business and challenges, are not afraid to challenge what we say, focus on outcomes and have a team that know what they’re doing.”

Top 3 global custodian bank
Testimonal – Principal, Enterprise Data Management

“We love working with your team. They are like-minded individuals – you all know what to do, do it well and help us develop our own internal skills.”

Top 3 global custodian bank
Testimonal – Director, Enterprise Data Management

“We had to achieve the impossible this year. We did not think it was possible and were not 100% convinced you could deliver. But we were very pleasantly surprised at the pace and quality of your delivery.  We made our deadlines.”

Top 3 global custodian bank
Testimonal – Enterprise CDO

“You have mapped our complete function – pinpointed our strengths and weaknesses and helped us to develop a plan for strengthening each function.”

Leading global data exchange
Testimonal – Chief Risk Officer

“You achieved in 10 weeks a delivery for our data compliance on a new platform that took us two years to build before.”

US start-up bank
Testimonal – Chief Technical Officer

“We have been running an analytics platform for our bank across many geographies but you bought full transparency, showing us for the first time that we are only using our mainframe estate in one country when we thought it was across four countries. This gave us a great opportunity for cost reduction.”

Large, global Scandinavian bank
Testimonal – Chief Data Officer

“You have the ability to join the dots across an organisation – bringing together technology, business, risk and data governance / data management functions, so we truly understand our global challenges in a connected way.”

Top 3 global custodian bank
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